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A three-day Music Industry Conference




Introducing a ground-breaking panel talk with Girl Grind - GIRL GRIND UK CIC, a trailblazing organization that is revolutionising support and empowerment for Black, Asian Minority Ethnic women, girls, and gender-expanding individuals. Fuelled by a deep passion, Girl Grind is committed to uplifting and supporting these individuals at crucial stages of their development.

Through their three development arms - GROWNISH (12-17), WOMANISH (18-30), and PRIMEISH (30+) - Girl Grind invests in the aspirations of their community, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to break barriers and reach their full potential. With boldness, courage, freedom, and honesty as their guiding values, Girl Grind fearlessly takes radical action in the pursuit of equality and empowerment.

At the forefront of the movement for people and women of colour, Girl Grind is unapologetically grounded in principles of gender and racial equality. Their award-winning projects, campaigns, and mental well-being advocacy are pushing for greater visibility and equality in the arts, health, and business sectors. By celebrating and uplifting inspirational women from all backgrounds, Girl Grind unites their strength and spirit to create a truly radical and empowering force for change.

Join us for this inspiring panel talk as Girl Grind shares their mission to ignite a movement that challenges the status quo and champions gender and racial equality. Prepare to be inspired by their innovative projects, campaigns, and unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive and empowering society.


In this in depth conversation, the dynamics of the panelist and audience become one as we get into a workshop style conversation about Women and Women led Businesses in Music. Namywa has been making music for 10 years in the style of R&B, Soul and more recently Country Americana Music independently navigating the sector, funders, touring and facing the “seen but unseen” issues that crop up for emerging talent. 


With a BA Honours Degree in Applied Performance from The Birmingham School of Actin and nearly a decade of music industry experience, Namywa is a visionary leader who is determined to make a difference in the industry by amplifying the voices of marginalised women and girls, LGBTQ groups and adults living with physical and learning disabilities.


Shortlisted as a finalist in the 2020 FUTURE FACES AWARDS, nominated as a Future Face of Arts and Culture by the GREATER BIRMINGHAM CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE and as a musician, 1 of 25 Black British Musicians supported by HELP MUSICIANS & MOBO AWARDS, NAMYWA is also one of 51 artists funded by the ‘Sustaining Creativity’ from PRS FOUNDATION, SPOTIFY & GIRLS I RATE in 2020.

All of this led to her founding Girl Grind UK CIC in 2020, and whilst the business has supported over 300 people taking their next steps in music, the journey has been packed with moments of joy, hard knocks and setbacks. Underpinning this talk is a message of resilience, empowerment and truth and we hope that you will join us for the hour to unpack this, and that you leave with a sense of inspiration and an I CAN DO THIS TO mentality!




The Gate is housed in a Grade II listed church building, formerly the Plasnewydd Presbyterian Church and school hall. It is located in Keppoch Street overlooking Plasnewydd Square in the Roath area of Cardiff.

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