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What is Resonant?

Resonant is a groundbreaking new project which aims to empower people identifying as marginalised genders to work behind the scenes in the Welsh music industry.

Resonant provides an exciting opportunity for young women, trans men, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals to access a new community of role models and peers, safe learning spaces, bespoke training packages and holistic support. Resonant participants will gain valuable insight into a range of behind-the-scenes roles in the music industry including live sound, promotion, stage lighting and music production.

Resonant has been developed by musician, sound technician and Beacons Junior Officer, Yasmine Davies. Yasmine has long felt the need for support for marginalised people interested in the music industry in Wales. Yasmine explains:

"I have known that the industry is lacking in gender diversity since I started pursuing a career in music. It's also become clear to me that marginalised genders aren't given the same opportunities or encouragement to engage with music tech, production or promotion in the way that cis-men are and if we try, it's likely we won't be taken seriously. My aim is to inspire trans-men, women, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals to persevere and stay ambitious. I aspire to do this by providing access to industry knowledge, a strong network and more opportunities whilst ensuring a safe space for all to feel comfortable. So rarely do we see marginalised people occupying space on the stage and even fewer are working behind the scenes. I hope Resonant will be part of creating this long overdue and desperately needed change to the live music sector in Wales."

What will I get from Resonant?

Resonant participants will be provided with:

- 6 x music industry workshops (in a range of key live music industry roles) led by music industry professionals identifying as marginalised genders
- Mentorship from music industry professionals identifying as marginalised genders
- Holistic support with a development coach / Optional mental health support
- Shadowing opportunities in established live music venues
- Access to a new network of peers and music industry professionals
- Safe spaces to learn and grow
And more…

Yasmine Davies.png

Project Officer

Yasmine Davies

Raised in the Rhymney valley, in a village called Aberbargoed, Yasmine moved to Cardiff at 17 to pursue a career in the music industry. Since then, she has graduated from USW with a Bachelors of Music and completed a Master of Arts. After graduating she became a freelancer, finding work as a songwriter, vocal coach, sound technician and now a project officer at Beacons Cymru.


Yasmine’s goal with Resonant is to help marginalised genders find the career that is right for them and encourage change regarding the gender imbalance in the Welsh music industry.


FORTE SHOOT-636_edited.jpg

Project Officer

Anastassia (Stacy) Svets

An artist of Russian-Ukrainian descent and immigrated from Estonia at the age of 20, Anastassia is now based in Cardiff to develop her roots and identity in the industry.


Being a multidisciplinary artist, Stacy has established herself as a freelance producer, songwriter, performer, graphic and visual designer, sound technician and a project support officer at Beacons Cymru.


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