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Announcing the new Social Partnership between Association of Independent Promoters and Beacons Cymru

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Beacons Cymru is delighted to announce the social partnership with the Association of Independent Promoters (AIP) for its second year to deliver the training for Beacons’ Young Promoters Network (The YPN) project. The YPN will offer six young people, aged 18-25, from across Wales, the opportunity to develop their skills as promoters, access new industry networks, financial support and put on their own live music events.

The Association of Independent Promoters (AIP) is a not for profit trade association bringing together independent promoters from across the UK. Their aim is to represent, empower and provide a vital support network to promoters.

With a collective voice they aim to bring about positive change within the live and wider music sector in the UK, helping their individual members whilst also developing a vibrant, healthy, representative and sustainable independent scene.

The social partnership between AIP and Beacons Cymru intends to enable the next generation of independent promoters from across Wales with training from experienced professionals to give them the best possible chance of creating a sustainable future in Wales.

Anna Moulson (AIP & Melting Vinyl)

Anna Moulson, AIP & Melting Vinyl says “AIP welcomes the return of its involvement in the training sessions run by one of our experienced promoters/members, for the next generation of young Welsh promoters to thrive in the industry.” Anna Moulson is a freelance live music promoter/event consultant promoting under the name of 'Melting Vinyl'. Each year she stages 50 gigs, and curates and produces a festival that reaches a combined audience of 10,000 in Brighton and Kent.

Beacons Cymru is a pan-Wales organisation aiming to empower the next generation of young people (aged 16-25) aspiring to work in the Welsh music industry.

Our vision is to provide all young people across Wales with access to the industry knowledge, opportunities, networks and skills necessary to carve sustainable careers and new business models in the Welsh music industry.

Richard Samuel, Project lead for The YPN, says: “Having the Association of Independent Promoters on board to deliver training, expert insight and pass on their knowledge to the next generation is an absolute coup for us. It will ensure the next generation of promoters in Wales have the best possible chance of growing the live scene in Wales” Sign up to the Beacons Cymru newsletter at and get the latest updates straight to your inbox To learn more about the AIP and to see the existing members then please visit



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