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TransForm Music is built on a consultation with transgender and non-binary music industry participants in Wales.

Our research has revealed the need for music industry stakeholders to learn about transgender and non-binary people’s experiences in music, and to take action to ensure transgender and non-binary people feel welcome, safe, included and able to participate as members of staff and audiences alike.


Through a series of professionally facilitated focus groups and an online survey, TransForm Music has highlighted a number of positive steps which aim to bridge the gap in underrepresentation and improve experiences for transgender and non-binary people within the Welsh music industry.

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Project Officer

Casper James

Casper is the lead Junior Project Officer of TransForm Music as well as being the lead singer of aggro-glam band TELGATE. 8 years ago, he came out as transgender, having grown up queer in rural Wales, which wasn't always the most positive experience for himself. However, the ostracization in his early days made Casper determined to stand up for himself, he held his head higher and fought for spaces where queerness was celebrated.

After working alongside Beacons Cymru for some months, initially as Young Consultant, he was awarded funding through  Anthem.'s Atsain fund in Spring 2022 to create TransForm Music. The project is set up to support transgender and non-binary people in the music scene; whilst also bridging the gaps in underrepresentation in the Welsh music industry.


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