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Cerddoriaeth O Gymru: Pioneering Change
Thursday March 2nd - 12:00pm - 5:45pm - The Gate, Dance Studio

Brought to you by Beacons Cymru as part of the annual music industry conference, Summit Festival, in The Gate, Cardiff 02/03/23: “Cerddoriaeth O Gymru: Pioneering Change” is an interactive, multi-sensory art exhibition that invites you to step onto the stage, behind the curtain and discover the world of innovation, cultural divergence, future leaders and the agents of change that are making a mark on the welsh music industry.

Expect your ears to be filled with immersive soundscapes composed by experimental ambient drone musician, PLEASE CLOSE YOUR EYES while you observe varied curated artistic works, lyricism and poetry showcasing personal interpretations of our exhibition theme Cerddoriaeth O Gymru: Pioneering Change.

But most importantly, we endorse you to realise that change starts with you. The exhibition will present you with an opportunity to bring your own works, words, art and memorabilia to add to the exhibition and share your interpretations of our theme. Your collected contributions will then travel through the Summit Festival weekend, for audiences to continue to add to and grow - in result creating a community-built art piece that will remain in Dyddiau Du (Capitol Centre, Cardiff) for the month following to inspire and to be enjoyed.

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